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Hometown Threads Ohio (Hebron)

Iced/Hot Drink Nylon Sleeve - 3 sizes

Regular price $6.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $6.00 USD
Vinyl Style

These drink sleeves come in three sizes: small, medium and large (see chart attached for different brands/sizes). They fit iced and hot coffees and also iced soft drinks (for those of who are still salty about the styrofoam cups from McDonalds). The small is perfect for a hot Grande at Starbucks and the large is perfect for a large McDonald's Coke. 

You choose the printing and regular or glitter vinyl.

For the monogram, select the style and include initials (first last middle). If you selected name, please select the style and include the name you want. If you selected school, please choose the school from the dropdown menu. If you selected “other” for personalization style, please specify what wording or icon you want! If you chose glitter vinyl, select the color. If you chose regular vinyl, select the color  

Regular vinyl: $6
Glitter vinyl: $7

Regular vinyl: $8
Glitter: $9

Regular vinyl: $10
Glitter: $11